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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 23, 2024 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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where are you from? >> west asp -- africa. >> why? >> because i'm not free there. i'm homosexual. they're muslims. they don't accept that. >> so you're going to claim asylum? >> exactly. >> that right there sounds like it would potentially be a legitimate asylum case. it's been bizarre. we talked to a man from afghanistan. we had a group of chinese men smoking and celebrating that they were released. the whole world has shown up here. >> martha: coming through that narrow entrance in california now that texas is a little more shut down by the actions of governor abbott. that's "the story" for this friday. i'll see you here today, 7:00 p.m., special coverage with bret baierout the south carolina primary. >> neil: all right. indeed we are focused on the
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south carolina primary. it's set for tomorrow as you indicated. the focus is on the two sur vying only candidates in this rise getting ready to hear from donald trump. he's going to be making an address and speaking to supporters in rock hill. it's about an hour north of columbia. nikki haley says she will fight on no matter what happens. polls show she has quite a bit of ground to cover. anything can happen. i'm neil cavuto. let's get to it with alexandra huff in columbia and what is at stake and how they're planning to spend the next 24 hours. alexandra? >> yeah, we're coming at you from a very windy columbia, south carolina. you know, this is just the third, maybe fourth time in two weeks that former president trump has been here. we've been talking to voters that tell us even if he didn't come at all, he would likely win tomorrow. nikki haley has been crisscrossing the state hoping to make a dent in trump's
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commanding lead. a loss tomorrow would be her first in her home state. the former governor said this this afternoon. >> tomorrow is election day. anybody can vote in this election as long as they didn't vote in the democratic primary february 3. i need you to get out and vote. in a general election, you're given a choice. in a primary election, you make your choice. >> so there is a winner take all state with 50 delegates up for grabs. trump has 63 delegates allocated. haley has 17. neither is close to the 1,215 needed to win the nomination. trump could quickly get there. south carolina senator tim scott has been among the former president's surrogates campaigning here in south carolina. he was asked how much trump has to win by tomorrow to show that haley can't compete? >> i think a win would be
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sufficient. i would expect a 20 point plus win in the home state where she was the governor and a state representative. if that doesn't send a clear message, i'm not sure what does. >> so trump is holding a rally in rock hill followed by an event in columbia this afternoon. his remaining opponent has vowed that she's seeing this thing through arguing that three states so far have voted. she feels that voters elsewhere deserve a voice. neil? >> neil: all right. thanks very much for that report. we'll be covering this. we've been knee deep in all of this stuff. the entire network has. i hope you join me tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern time when we look at this from all angles and the economic impact of that. i like to have bond market reaction just to scare people off. in all seriousness, the big one is when bret and martha get together to see what happened and where the 50 delegates went.
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what is at stake and who is at stake. we're learning that donald trump was formally ordered by a new york judge a few short minutes ago to pay more than $454 million after being found libel for manipulating his network so says the civil fraud cause. what is unusual about this, it includes the $354 million penalty that the justice had set, but now adds back interest and all of that that brings it up to 454 million. obviously making it much more of a big task to raise that dough. some say he has collateral to put up. you're looking at rock hill, south carolina where he might just be referring to this and a shifting system that is working against him. it's certainly made him popular within the republican party and a general election, should he be the nominee, anyone's guess how that would fall out. let's get for from daniel and
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franchesca and lee carter. lee, within the republican party, donald trump remains a prohibitive and intimidating force. so much so that few in the party buck him or challenge him on anything. that is expected to repeat itself in south carolina. could you see anything that could disrupt that? anything that you're noticing in early numbers might be telling you to say maybe not so fast? >> no. i think we're going to see him run away in south carolina. i don't think we'll see nikki haley go anywhere either. she's in it not to win it but in it to win it in 2028. she's running for the long haul. i think she wants to run and be able to play all of this back in 2028 and say i told you so. if donald trump doesn't win or try to run again in 2028. we'll see a clear run-away from the president. might not be over the 30-point spread that we're seeing in the
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polls but over 20. >> neil: daniel, we've done the math many times. you need 1,215 delegates to get the republican nomination. donald trump has around 67 delegates. nikki haley about 17. both are still a long way. i understand the momentum argument and the significance that nikki haley could be losing by a lot. she indicated she wants to stick in the race through super tuesday, ten days away. what do you make of the back and forth on that, whether that is wise for her? >> well, it's almost -- i agree with lee that she's building that 2028 infrastructure where she's getting to meet the elected officials in all of these states. reintroduced herself to the voters of south carolina. but at the same time, it's having the effect of raising her unfavorable numbers with republicans who think she should get out of the race. i think in a number of months ago, 17%. her negative approval rating for
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republicans. now it's up to 36%. according to nbc polls. so that is -- she has to figure out those numbers for 2028. because in 2024, she's facing a republican party that is not a country club republican party anymore. not filled with lawyers and businessmen but a working class party and that is donald trump's party. >> neil: that might be a very different party four years from now, franchesca, should he lose. he could always run ahead. i'm getting way ahead here. time can change a lot of things. she's obviously poo-pooing talk about running for a no labels candidacy. some say, you know, the sore loser laws would make that impossible. someone that quit as race at this stage can't reappear on another independent stage. i'm simplifying here. i take it that is not an option for her or is and she's just not
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saying it? >> well, her campaign today, neil, saying they're focused on winning the republican presidential primary and south carolina tomorrow. and nikki haley said herself earlier this week in her greenville speech that she's not looking ahead to 2028. she's got her eyes on the prize in south carolina and around the rest of the country. but it is -- it's an uphill climb. her campaign admitted today for her here in south carolina where she is behind by 28 points in our polling. now south carolina primary is tomorrow. now early voting has been taking place. i heard from people that early voted for her. i'm sitting outside the trump campaign headquarters. he's got a lot of supporters that have come out to vote early for him, too. >> neil: so lee, back to the polling. you get a get sense of republican voters and this notion that nikki haley, her negatives are building up
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because she's sticking in this race. i'm not sure the logic of that. i'm just saying that are they taking it out on her that she -- get him coronated, nominate him now. is it hurting her among that base? sticking in this race beyond tomorrow? >> i think it's hurting her among the solid trump supporters. you know that floor, they're going to fight for him. that's about 35%. that's about that unfavorable rating right there. the thing that could happen, if donald trump doesn't win, nikki haley could come back and say we're going to have to reinvent this party. i'm here to fight for you in a different way. prove it. the american people are looking for in this moment, 80% of americans say they want someone to fight for them. 78% believe the system is rigged and there's a two tiered system of justice, a lot of people that
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want this idea of somebody that will fight for them. donald trump represents their best take and who is the fighter. by her staying in this race, she can say i fought for you, i told you this would happen and we need somebody to win and i'm that person. that's what she's focused on. whether or not that's what she's saying. >> neil: daniel, to that point, she's offer referred to as the glass candidate. in case something happens to donald trump, shatter the glass, she's there. she's the last candidate standing. it's not a given that the party or the delegates in many of them very loyal to donald trump would welcome that anyway. but what do you make of that whole argument? her as a backup default? >> of course she's going to say that. the issue is the timing of courts and our great justice system means that people don't go to jail immediately. if trump gets convicted of a couple cases, if he loses to jack smith in the next few
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months, then he's going to appeal this a long time and he's not going to be thrown in to jail where you'd need to break that glass. so if we're talking about 2028, of course, republicans need a good nominee who is potentially not behind bars, but november is not that far away. trump has millions of dollars to spend on lawyers to keep him out of jail. so i don't think that the republican convention would say hey, trump is convicted. i'd so i hey, this is a party that embraces his convictions almost as two tiered justice system in their view. >> neil: franchesca, for those just yoining us, this is rock hill, south carolina. donald trump is expected to speak there shortly. there's been a lot said about his tone and what kind of approach he takes to nikki haley still being in the race. he's not too pleased that she is. he can get explicit about it. some argue mean about it.
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others commend him for constantly mentioning. but it's his tone and tenor. he often sort of goes free throughout on a lot of this. what do you expect to hear from him to close the deal? what do you think the party expects to hear from him, the folks in that room expect to hear from him? >> most certainly, he will push people out to vote tomorrow. i just heard from his son, donald trump jr. giving the same message that basically telling voters not to become apathetic because he's so far up and vote for themselves in the south carolina primary. it's notable that trump did do the town hall with fox news in greenville earlier in the week. he's first rally in south carolina prior to this was valentine's day last week. so he's already looking ahead, his campaign to the battleground states. he hosted a rally in michigan.
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haley tried to reintroduce herself to voters and try to turn out the retirees that moved to the state since she was governor and might not have been a as familiar with her record. she has to win them over as well. >> neil: all right. we'll be waiting any minute now. the former president. thank you, i want to draw your attention to the corner of wall and broad to market averages. they hit records again. the nasdaq did not hit a report. it got close. well in to record territory for a good chunk of the day. all the averages advanced. the big story, nvidia even though it was up in excess of 10%, it finished up $3 or so. just under $789 a share. this stock has continued to defy expectations here on the week up 9%. some people are saying it's amount of time before it hits 1,000. it has given street cred to
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artificial intelligence. a lot of folks are buying those chips from this company and they include the likes of microsoft and amazon. we can go on and on and alphabet and meta flat forms. for nvidia, north we go. now to congressman chip roy of texas. i'm not asking him to comment on the markets. he's good at that, too. i wanted his take on politically where things stand. congressman, donald trump was not your candidate when the race started. he's looking increasingly like the candidate now. nikki haley is in this race for the long haul, she says. what do you say? >> well, neil, great to be on. what is clear is that the nation is hungry for leadership. i think that former president trump has started to lean in to that. you heard he used the phrase when somebody asked him about vengeance, he said i'm going to get revenge by what i'm able to
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do or something along those lines. success. >> neil: that is what it is, success. do you believe that? >> yeah. well, i think so. like i think that if the former president can reinvigorate the base by showing up with what he did in 2016, taking on washington, draining the swamp, building the wall, that's the president trump that the american people want to see. they're tired of what they're seeing out of washington. you know me. i will point and point if both directions. the other side of the aisle, radical progressive democrats that want to remake america, the biden administration, what they're doing, inflation, spending, wide open boarders. all of the things that they're doing. republicans come in and say they're going to change things and they don't. right now republicans are holding the golden ticket in their hand that if we just pass a c.r. for the remainder of the year, we can trying area 10% cut to nondiscretionary spending. you know and i know we're spending more in interest than we are on the national defense. in two years in 2026, we will
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track $1 trillion in interest. think about that. you do markets. can this country sustain that level of debt piling up? republicans run on this but we don't deliver. we put caps in place. the caps will trigger a 10% cut to that massive bureaucracy that biden has been sicking on the american people. the very bureaucracy that was trump is starting to run against. republicans should set the stage for the president. we should put that continuing resolution in place, trigger the caps. and then debate ukraine and the border and israel. debate supplemental spending. do our job. trigger the caps, reduce nondefensive spending and set the stage for president trump -- >> neil: when you trigger the caps, congressman, other people say you're going to trigger a shutdown. that that is inevitable. the support for this just isn't there. it's going to lead at least to a temporary shut down.
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what do you say? >> well, what i would say, those caps that we just described, those are in law that was passed by bipartisan majorities in the house and senate. now, i voted against them. i didn't think they were vigorous enough. i thought we should lower caps. cut more. you know what? they're law. joe biden signed the law. democrat colleagues supported it. what are they going to say? if we republicans would send that to is the senate, i'd love to see what chuck schumer and joe biden would say president we can reclaim the mantel of fiscal responsibility, help markets by saying we're responsible about what we're doing, stop having a bureaucracy that gets funded. if republicans voted for that stuff, they'll be fending the lng bans, funding the attacks on our gas stoves in new york. they're going to be funding all of the ev mandates that will cripple or economy. they will fund the open borders that mayorkas is sicking on the
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american people. let's restrain the bureaucracy, better for markets, be upper for trump, better for americans. we need republicans to lead. >> neil: republicans are not leading. you look like the keystone cops. everyone wants the speaker's head. i don't know where you stand on that. to add insult to injury, the president comes out to say on the border, he's got some ideas ahead of his state of the union address where he might take executive actions or orders, maybe undoing the ones that he signed the day he became president. some of your colleagues are saying you can't do that even though they say you have the power to do this. it's confusing. he said he wasn't going to do it. i'm wondering. is he getting the better of you on the p.r. front? not that that should matter? it seems to matter. >> of course he's going to head in to election season and try to constrain the numbers. it's all a fiction.
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what he will do, move numbers through the one app and through the abusive parole authority at the ports of entry. you know bill melugin. you've done reporting on your show and others. bill has been all over this about what they're actually doing at the border. so he will come in with orders, he will move the numbers around so there are not big groups of people sitting down in eagle pass or del rio or drop the numbers down in california but keep running people through the ports of entry. yesterday bill melugin reported and you know this, that of the 330,000 venezuelans that have been apprehended, 200,000 were apprehended by border patrol once they were in. only 891 have actually been returned. they're using 130,000 that came through the ports of entry through the parole app. that's the problem. this is purposeful. biden is doing it on purpose. now he's going to try to message against it. republicans have to hold the line. the only way to do that is to keep shining the light on the
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problem and demand we security the border with the policy changes that need to be adopted. we need to know what they are and force his hand. we're winning the message. the people overwhelmingly blame biden for the border. the polls show that. that's one of the reasons by president trump -- >> neil: you feel the president -- i understand what you're saying. do you feel if the president is doing this because he knows he's got the shorter end of the stick and who the public blames for what is happening at the border that you had a chance and a plan and it wasn't a perfect plan but a border plan that he turns around, the president turns around and echoed this with 34 or 35 governors meeting at the white house with him that you had your chance to work on a plan that might have done something, wasn't perfect. both sides had their problems and doubts. but you botched it. some say you kowtowed the donald trump that didn't want that to happen because this is issue is a big election issue and didn't
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want it to hurt. do you think that went too far? you think donald trump hurt you in this regard? >> let's be perfectly clear. none of the conversations i had with conservatives on capitol hill had anything to do with whether or not president trump thought this was important to stay alive politically. let's be clear. is anybody going to accuse -- >> neil: not many of them challenged donald trump on this, congressman to be fair to you and you have the bruises to prove it, you have taken on the former president. seems like everyone in your party is afraid to say boo to the guy. they suck up to the guy, don't want to challenge him. he didn't like it and made it clear he didn't like it. >> he didn't like it because it's a bad bill. neil, that bill is not about it being perfect. the current president, president biden, opens up the borders, floods the zone with fentanyl, empowered cartels. people die. we had 10,000 a day in december. they said we're going to make
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permanent mass migration policies that we adopted and we're going to tell you to say thank you. that was ant good bill. president trump was right to say that was a bad bill. i will gladly applaud president trump when he's correct. he was 100% correct on this. it's not about politics. it's about doing the right thing. we couldn't cement bad policy. the current president could secure the border -- >> neil: right now we don't have any policy. i absolutely see what you're saying. you're a man of great integrity. the fact of the matter is theres nothing right now. there was at least something. shaky and -- it was something. couldn't that have provided the wind at donald trump's back should he become the nominee and get back in the white house that we could start seeing that improvement and he could do the other things you want him to do? >> no. the wind at the back of president trump and his path to getting back in the white house and standing up and fighting for
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the american people. you said oh, biden, we have no policy. that's because he doesn't care about the law. he stood up and said the supreme court said i couldn't bail out student loans. i did it anyway. he doesn't care about the law. you know that. my wife is still paying her student loans. he said i'm going to pay these off. i don't care about you truckers or blue collar workers that never took them out. i'm going to defy the supreme court, i'm going to take money, pay off student loans and i'm going to do it because i can. that's what he's doing with the border. he's flooding the zone, he's making it to where our borders are wide open because he sees that as electorally beneficial. he's trying to transform our country and thinks he can get away by clamping down the border -- >> neil: isn't that inconsistent? you're right but you're saying shouldn't go ahead by executive authority to start forgiving loans. but many in your party, and i don't know about you, are saying
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when it comes to executive action, you should take plenty of such actions when it comes to the border because you undid a lot of stuff that donald trump did. you can't have it both ways. >> because the laws actually requires him to do that. the supreme court and frankly existing laws say you can't just forgive these loans. law requires him to maintain operational -- >> neil: the law says nothing about what he's doing on the border either. >> sure it does. neil, it does. >> neil: that he's going to undo the things that -- he's undoing a lot of the stuff that he did early on that you demanded, right? it's not perfect. which way is it? >> the parole policy that bill melugin is reporting on right now for fox, that parole policy is an abuse of the law that says that it should be case by case. the asylum policy is abuse of the law. he overturned remain in mexico by president trump.
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he has the power to fix that under the law. he could follow existing law, maintain control of the border, tighten parole down, tighten asylum down and stop the flow. we need better laws so that we can stop a future president biden. we need better laws to help a. trump do it the right way. at the end of the day, this is a president that doesn't care about the law. he didn't care about it on student loans and doesn't care about this. his ignoring the law because he wants to advance a radical progressive agenda because radical progressive democrats want to remake america. we're trying to push back. republicans are not doing enough. let's do the c.r., trigger the caps, restrain the bureaucracy and help donald trump in the election season by doing that. >> neil: do you think donald trump cares about the law? >> you know, i do. i obviously disagreed on the electors in january of 2021. but i do think the president
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believes that we ought to follow the law. the united states is built on the rule of law. we also need to save our country. our country is hanging on by a thread. it is, neil. if we keep spending the way we're spending, we won't have a country left to stand next to israel or ukraine. if we allow or borders to be open, we won't have a country to have stand next to ukraine or israel or anyone else. if we don't stand up and have a strong military instead of it being woke and in countless waters and peace through strength, we won't have a country to stand up to china, stand alongside ukraine. i think the former president gets that. i think the former president wants to stand alongside the hard working blue collar american family that is getting steam rolled by corporate cronyism and a government run by republicans that have not caught up. republicans need to do the job that they were sent there to do. limit spending, get our energy freedom back, fight for the border instead of backing away and saying, you know what.
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>> martha: we're going to say sorry. we don't have the senate and the white house. we should fight for the people that sent us there. >> neil: i guess and i mean no offense to you, congressman. this advice on the part of republicans talking about getting spending under control is like me telling someone to eat a salad. probably not a good idea. so i'm just telling people when debt under the prior president who by eight trillion -- part was covid to be fair. he says we'll show you how to do this right. are they the ones any more than me telling you to get on the life cycle? >> that's funny. i agree with that report. when i was campaigning for governor desantis, one of my main criticisms is the former president shot the government down and re-racked up $8 trillion of debt. that doesn't change the
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principle. we spent last year, we fought, we got caps. we fought, we passed appropriations bills. chuck schumer refuses to pass them. we can trigger the caps, set the table for a a real conversation about the debt we're amassing. republicans can reclaim that mantel and we should. >> neil: all right. thanks very much. chip roy. sorry to go on and on with you. but i enjoy it. you're a class act. we're watching and waiting for the president of the united states, the former one who wants to be the next one. right now the south carolina governor is talking on his behalf. we're going to go to that, take a quick break first and then come back to this. stay with us. icy hot. ice works fast. ♪ heat makes it last. feel the power of contrast therapy. ♪ so you can rise from pain. icy hot.
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♪ >> wow. that's a lot of people. that's a lot of people. thank you. and there's a lot of people outside that can't get in. but would anybody like to give up their space? i was going to say, there's not many seats here. we have a full house times maybe three. outside you have another couple houses full of people. we love them. we're providing audio for them outside. i think you have a better location in all fairness. hello, south carolina.
1:34 pm
i'm thrilled to be back in this incredible beautiful state with thousands of proud hard working godfearing american patriots. that's what you are. the last time i was in this arena was a very good time in a sense. the country wasn't doing well. by the way, compared to today, it was doing great. you know, we had a border problem. that was like a peanut. we solved that problem quickly. it was like a peanut problem. remember, i said, the border, they're having problems. they've got rapists, they've got thugs. and everybody said what horrible things. we were right about that one, too. well, what we said is nothing by comparison to the fact. what we have now is a total disaster. this is far, far worse. you know, we solved that border problem. we solved that border problem in
1:35 pm
2020 where we got millions more votes, by the way, for people that are interested. but we solved that border problem. and i said, let's talk about the border. they said sir, nobody cares about the border. you solved the problem. i said no, don't -- i talked about the border. nobody cared about the border. we solved the problem. we were in here in 2016 in the same arena, january of 2016. think of that. so i guess it's a lucky arena. we're going to see if it's lucky or not. we're going to see. because they steal and they cheat and they do a lot of bad things. we're going to win this. we're going to win it bigger than ever before. there's never been a more important time. tomorrow you will cast one of the more important votes of your entire life. we're not worried about tomorrow.
1:36 pm
we want to aim to november 5. that's what we need, november 5. we have to beat crooked joe basketball. i don't know if he's going to make it to the starting gate. henry would know. has he been a great governor, by the way? he's been great. that was a big part of the equation. i said they're going to move her out, make him governor. i did you a big favor. but we're going to have a gigantic victory here in south carolina. we're going to show crooked joe biden and the radical left democrats that we are coming like a freight train in november. [cheers & applause] right? nikki haley is relying on democrats and liberals. you know, democrats are financing her campaign? crazy.
1:37 pm
it's called the crazy world of politics. you know, the democrats are financing her campaign. one of her biggest supporters is a radical left democrat who made some money with the internet. a very bad guy, actually. but he's a democrat. and those are the ones putting up money because they damage us. the biggest supporters she's got right now are the biden supporters. the biden bundlers, the biden cheaters. they're the ones doing it for nikki. so if you don't want the ultra left to meddle in this primary and i think they're going to try to end it, who in the hell wants democrats voting in a republican primary? what is that about? what is that about? don't worry. you're going to swamp them. it's important that we do. by the way, we're going to do great tomorrow. it's really important you get out and vote. we want to send a signal to the real hard line people, the
1:38 pm
people that are destroying our country, joe biden. we have to send them a signal we're coming. so get out tomorrow. if you don't feel well, don't worry about it. get up, get out. if your husband is not feeling good, darling -- just get him out of bed. don't worry. he will be okay. get out and vote. tomorrow we're going to win this state and then we're going to tell crooked joe biden you're fired. get out of here. you're fired. [cheers & applause] [chanting]. you know, it's amazing. there's more spirit now than at any time anyone has ever seen in any campaign.
1:39 pm
you know, we're nine months away. it's not like gee, we're going to vote tomorrow. tomorrow is your big day. you're going to vote in a primary. the big day is november 5. nobody has seen spirit like this. this is -- for some people -- think of it. nobody would have a crowd like this anyway even if it was the day before the election. this is like the day before the election. so the saddest thing is we have nine months to go. the kind of stupidity and destruction that they have and can cause is just mind boggling. so we have to just hope that this time flies. because we have to take over. they're going to destroy this country. we're going to end up in a world war, world war iii. they'll destroy our country. we have to get out and win. under the trump administration, you were better off, your family was better off, your neighbors were better off, the communities were better off and our country was far, far, far better off.
1:40 pm
that's for sure. america was strongest and tougher and richer and safer and more confident. think of it, we lost our confidence as a country. i've said that in a lot of speeches. what a horrible thing to a tribute to our country, that we lost our confidence. we have no leadership. we're not respected anyplace in the world. but i'm more confident than ever that we will soon be sitting behind that beautiful resolute desk in the oval office. we'll bring it back quickly. [cheers & applause] because together we built the greatest economy in the history of the world. the greatest economy in the history. nobody has ever seen anything like it. with the biggest tax cuts ever recorded, bigger than the ronald reagan. we like ronald reagan. but we beat him out on the tax cuts. the biggest regulation cuts, the
1:41 pm
record energy production like never before. rising wages for americans of every race, religion, color and creed. never did so well. we never did so well. under crooked joe biden, it's been three straight years of total economic warfare and welfare and stagnation on working american families. think of it. they had essentially 39% increase in inflation. 39. so think of this. no matter how well you did, you didn't do that well. that means you fell behind the eight ball. the inflation that he caused primarily because of his stupid energy policies, wind mills all over the place. let's put them up all over. wind mills is the most expensive energy anywhere in the world. you can't do more expensive than wind beside from the fact that they kill the birds, everything
1:42 pm
around them. it's part of the green new scam. three-year inflation rate at 39 -- if you include everything. they like to say we're not including food, minor things like rent, food. energy. under my leadership, you had virtually no inflation. uncrooked joe, you had energy prices reach the highest level in history. the history of anywhere. that's a good idea. we'll be here for a while. let's just enjoy it. sit down. wherever you can. whoever has a seat, sit down. i'm very honored. you'll be standing up soon. you'll be standing. don't worry. speaking of standing up, behind me, i see them. these are incredible women. i don't know about the husbands. i don't know what is wrong with the husbands. this is -- i think it's about the 115th time.
1:43 pm
they come from a place that is not far away. you do like north carolina, right? [cheers & applause] they come from north carolina. so it's -- they traveled to texas, california. they are -- there's more over here. there's a husband. finally i see a husband. these women are under believable. they love our country. at least for this one, they didn't have to travel far. that's very nice. and then over here, we have front row joe's. i think it's 125 -- i don't know what they do. i know they're rich. i don't know what they do. but we live all of you. great american patriots. thank you. and by the way, the vietnamese delegation, i don't know what it is about vietnam, but they do like me. thank you very much.
1:44 pm
thank you. and we like them. thank you. they travel me, they travel with me all over. i must be too soft on vietnam. you like me too much. you like me too much. thank you very much. they want freedom. that's right. under biden, gas prices have reached five, six, $7 a gallon in some places. california, they have gone up to 8 and $9. three years ago, we had energy independence and soon have energy dominance. we have more liquid gold under our feet than any other country. think of it. we don't know what we're doing with it. i had gas prices at $1.87 a gallon. wouldn't that be nice? [cheers & applause]
1:45 pm
thanks to bidenomics, the three-year mortgage rate has hit a 22-year high with the average mortgage payment at a brutal $3,322 a month. nobody has ever had -- they have never had numbers like that. when i was president, the average monthly mortgage rate was nearly 50% less. in fact, we had numbers at 2%. we had a period of time at 2%. it never veered much from that. you were saving $19,000 a year on your mortgage. while crooked joe likes to brag about the stock market, the stock market is up just a small percentage after you deduct and adjust for inflation, which is setting records. what we're doing with inflation -- by the way, after the election and we can't say this because much bigger problems -- our country will be destroyed if we don't win this election. if per chance they won, you'll
1:46 pm
see numbers on energy the likes of which you have never seen before. they are doing -- you know, they're pumping it as much as they can. let it keep going. if this election ended as a failed election or a rigged election -- i say the only way it can end with a win is a rigged election, because what they did in 2020 is disgraceful. look what happened to our country. you have wars that would have never taken place. russia would not have attacked ukraine. hamas would not have attacked israel. but the stock market was up by an astounding 62% with inflation almost as -- 62%. with your vote, we will vanquish bidenomics, which is a negative term. he heard the term. loved it.
1:47 pm
it's a really bad term. didn't work. and we will reinstate m maganomics. you guessed it. we will bring our country back from hell. our country has been through hell. when you think about what happened in afghanistan, all of the things that took place. our country has been through hell. we're laughed at all over the world. crooked joe is now pushing a $6 trillion tax hike. $6 trillion. this will be the largest tax hike in the mystery of our country. maybe in the history of the world, i guess. if he wins, that's what's in store for the hard working people of south carolina. wonderful state that we worked so closely with with henry and everybody. we head to a level that is never seen before. now it's never going to be quite like that. i can't be. it's going off.
1:48 pm
the stock market is up. many people, some of the smartest people in the market say it's up because we're leading biden in the polls so much and they expect we're going to win. if we lose, you're going to have a crash. if you lose, that's an incentive if you have stock. if you have a tragedy happen on november 5, it would be a tragedy in the machine of many and in my opinion, the largest stock market crash we've ever had. a lot of the stock market -- the only thing that is doing well is the stock market. it's doing well because the polls show we're winning by a lot. we have to make sure we win. if we win, you're all getting the biggest tax cuts because we're doing additional cuts. and a brand new trump economic boon. a boon like you've never seen before. when i was president, we slashed
1:49 pm
taxes for working family. we doubled the child tax credit. not a republican thing to do. i said let's do it anyway. people are very happy about it. the mothers, the families. they're very happy. we did something that we felt we should do. we supported moms and dads by expanding education savings accounts, which is a big deal. use them. under my leadership, the republican party will always support the creation of strong thriving healthy american families. we're supporting america first. a little thing called america first. we want to make it easier for mothers and fathers to have babies, not harder. that includes and you saw this, a big deal over the last few days, that includes supporting the availability of fertility treatments like ivf in every state in america. you have been seeing alabama.
1:50 pm
it's been a big story. like the overwhelming majority of americans including vast majority of conservatives, christians and pro life americans, i strongly support the availability of ivf for couples trying to have a precious little beautiful baby. i support it. and today i'm calling on the alabama legislature to act quickly to find an immediate solution to preserve the availability of ivf in alabama and i'm sure they're going to do that. the republican party should always be on the side of the miracle of life and the side of mothers and fathers and wonderful little babies. have to be on that side. ivf is an important part of that. our great republican party will always be with you. we're always going to be with
1:51 pm
you and your quest to find that ultimate joy in life. you know, the ultimate joy in life is a beautiful, healthy, wonderful baby. so we're with you. i wanted you to know that. a lot of republicans call me, i put that message out on a thing called truth social. has anybody been tuning in lately? it's hot. truth social is hot. we put it out a little while ago. a lot of people called up, a lot of politicians called up thank you, sir. thank you. that's the way we feel. so we're going to be with you all the way. you're going to see things -- we want to help. that's a very big subject, frankly. very sicomplicated and very big. most of you know exactly what i'm talking about. thank you very much. most of you know exactly what i'm talking about. crooked joe biden is not the only massive tax higher in this
1:52 pm
race. you also have a person -- she's so bad. i will never run against our president. he's been a great president. he's one of the greatest presidents ever. i will never run. i promise you i will never ever run. three years later, how about that? three years later, you guys, she goes, ladies and gentlemen, i've decided to run now. what happened? you ever see the clips? we have about 12 clips. i will never run against our president. he's one of the greatest presidents ever. a little bit later -- no, no. don't use that name. please. please, madam. please, madam. don't use the name bird brain. we have to win big. again, supported by the democrats. supported and funded by the democrats. republicans are not supporting her. they don't like her. they don't like her policy. she's essentially a democrat. i think she should probably
1:53 pm
switch parties. you know? probably she should switch parties. you have a nikki haley who tried to double your gas tax here in south carolina. remember, she said that's not true. then we put up clips. we put up clips. she tried very hard. she supports a 23% national sales tax. basically equals election death. when this stuff comes up. you think they treat me bad. they're horrible people. i've been indicted more than al capone. i never thought this could happen to my son. he's been indicted. i didn't know what the hell the world -- it all took place instantly. if i fly over a blue state, the next day i get a federal grand jury notice. please report. and they indicted me on bull.
1:54 pm
it's all bull. crazy. but remember, if any other person were in this position, they would be treated the same way as they're treating me. i don't think it's harsh. i think they hate me more than anybody that has ever lived. it's all because we won an election in 2016 that we weren't expected to win. i expected to win it. all of you expected. we would go to rallies with a 52,000, 68,000, 101,000. we had a rally. they go to rally and have like -- in the case of biden, he would have eight circles. beautiful circles. and they'd have to use the media to stand there because they had no people. then you hear oh, they won just
1:55 pm
by a little bit. they just ounced us out. no. it's a crooked deal. but nikki haley, if she were ever in this position, they'd go after her. i can tell you five reasons but i don't want to get myself in trouble. they'll say he's so mean. he's so mean. there's some reasons. i think everybody in your state knows some beautiful reasons. they would go after her the same way they go after me. that's what they do. because they're basically a party of misinformation, disinformation. they lie, lie, lie. and they say it like russia, russia, russia. took me 2 1/2 years to get that one off of my back. that was a real crooked deal. they use that as an excuse. why beautiful hillary. i call her beautiful. i've taken the name crooked hillary off. i have given it to biden. i had sleepy joe biden, i have crooked joe biden. i think crooked joe is more
1:56 pm
accurate. you know? although sleepy is pretty good. nikki haley is not in this race to fight for you. she's in the bidding for big donors or maybe she wants to get a contract on cnn. did you see their ratings? there goes the cnn cameras off. why did i do that? [booing]. i shouldn't have done that. the light just went off. they knew what was coming. right? tim? they knew what was coming. they have the worst ratings they've ever had. it's dying. they're not truthful. they're not truthful. by the way, did tim scott make a great speech? [cheers & applause]
1:57 pm
i don't know if he likes it when i say this, but it's a compliment. because he's such a fine man. he ran and he ran okay. he was okay. he was okay. he's a respected guy. but he ran and he did fine. and then when he got out, he endorsed me and he's a surrogate. he's the greatest surrogate i've ever seen. he went from modest, high quality man, introducing his mother who is incredible, by the way. i said, tim, tim, i said -- i called him up. he took everybody -- he had like five of the worst human beings interviewing him trying to hit me. he said donald trump did this, he did that. he did criminal justice reform. he did -- by the time he finishes with him, they wanted to get off the set. i said, he's a much better
1:58 pm
representative for me than he is a representative for himself. it's true. that's a great compliment. you know why? he's a high quality person. he doesn't like talking about himself. it's true. [applause] it's true. [cheers & applause] no, i came in to arena three weeks ago. big arena. we won in iowa, in a record. you know, this guy -- nikki, she loses to biden in every poll. she has one poll now that the paper is turning. she loses to biden in all the polls. forget that. this guy, he's far more interesting. so we won iowa in a landslide, in a record. the likes of which -- we took
1:59 pm
the record and they doubled it. we won by that margin. we went to new hampshire. we got more votes than anybody in the history of new hampshire. the new hampshire primaries. they've been around a long time. and i heard nikki say, yeah, i lost two. no, she lost four. she lost the virgin islands, which she tried like hell to get. we won that, too. then we went to nevada -- >> neil: all right. we're continuing to monitor the president's remarks. i mean no offense to him. i did have to say he's entitled to his opinions, he's not entitled to his own set of facts. the mark has been going up. it had nothing to do with him and everything to do with this aggressive cut in interest rates or a hiking in interest rates that stabilized inflation and the whole artificial intelligence phenomenon. that -- whether you want to give
2:00 pm
biden credit for that, has nothing to do with donald trump. he mention gas prices out of whack. he talked about the 2020 election and how that was rigged. this has been adjudicated many, many times. dozens of times. it been investigated by everyone and their uncle. 44 investigations launched, some by judges that were picked by donald trump himself. they found no evidence of that in the seven battleground states where most of them were focused. donald trump lost each and every one of those states. no facts or no history that he mentions on the stump right now will change that. he lost. he's trying to win back that office and we'll continue to monitor this but for now, here's "the five." ♪ ♪


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